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About our agent...

Goh Lean Chin first joined the insurance industry in year 2000 as an insurance loss adjuster with a reputable loss adjusting firm. He has experiences in handling insurance claims and has helped many people and corporations in settling their insurance claims due to fire, burglary, flood losses, personal accident (PA), just to name a few.


Having served the company for two years, Goh ventured into insurance sales, focusing mainly in life insurance and general insurance. His principals are Prudential Assurance Malaysia Bhd (life and general insurance) and PanGlobal Insurance Bhd (general insurance). He has valid licenses to conduct the abovementioned business.



"Since the first day I joined the insurance industry, I have been holding on to the above motto that is to serve my clients with quality and integrity. Quality means that to be able to deliver more than what I have promised to my clients. Integrity means that earning trust and respect from clients, which is even more important when I am dealing with the most confidential information of my clients. This would eventually form a strong foundation in building a lasting business relationship with my clients.


I have many clients who are satisfied with my services. As a testimony of this, I have invited two of mine satisfied clients namely Mr Bernie Tan and Mr Koo Ah Meng to testify. "


Mr Goh has been providing me with the advice and good service when it comes to insurance matters. My life insurance and car insurance are all handled by Mr Goh. Keep up the the good work!

– Bernie Tan can be contacted at 04-2623779.

Goh has been my insurance advisor for the last two years. I suffered two losses due to burglary and Goh has helped me to settle the claims with insurance companies. When insurance matter comes to my mind, Goh would come to my mind. He is my insurance man!

– Koo Ah Meng, sole proprietor of Chung Woong Trading and can be contacted at 04-5518369.


"I promise to extend the same services to you which I have rendered to my clients all this while.

My promise to you should you renew your insurance with us. "



Car Insurance

•  To collect the car's registration card and previous insurance policy from you and to be renewed. Upon renewal with JPJ, we would return the road tax to you in 24 hours.

•  We would advise on how much to insure for your car.


Please make an appointment with us 3-4 days before your road tax expired.


Fire Insurance (for residential house or apartment)


To advise you on how much to insure and what to insure.


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